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Bureau of Business Research

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BBR Monthly Economic Indicator Reports Initiative

The Bureau of Business Research has launched a monthly initiative through our Leading Economic Indicator reports to measure and project the condition of the Nebraska economy.

View the April Leading Economic Indicator Reports

The Economic and Tax Revenue Impact of Coal Industry Activity in Nebraska

Coal Industry Activity in Nebraska The BBR has released its final report on the economic and tax revenue impact of coal industry activity in Nebraska.

Nebraska Business Survey Report

Nebraska Business Survey The March business survey from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Bureau of Business Research is now available.

BBR Tax Modernization Study for Nebraska

Tax Modernization UNL economists Dr. Eric Thompson and Dr. John Anderson have released a final report on a recent tax modernization study prepared for the Lincoln and Omaha chambers of commerce. The findings call for changes to the state's tax system.

Nebraska Business Forecast Council Long Range Forecast

Nebraska State Nebraska's economy will grow at a moderate pace during the next few years, though not as fast as the national economy, state forecasters predicted through a report produced by the the Bureau of Business Research.

Lincoln Partnership for Economic Development Reports

Lincoln Partnership for Economic Development The Bureau of Business Research prepares quarterly reports to gauge economic development for the Lincoln Partnership for Economic Development.

View the 2013 3rd Quarter Report

BBR In the News

Nebraska, Iowa rank high in growth of personal income

Moderate Economic Growth Projected For Nebraska Thru Summer

Indexes suggest economic growth slowly accelerating

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Research Areas

The BBR conducts both contract and sponsored research on the economy of Nebraska and its communities including:

In addition, the BBR also competes for research funding from federal government agencies and private foundations from around the nation. The BBR further contributes to the academic mission of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln through scholarly publication and the education of students.

About the BBR

The Bureau of Business Research (BBR) is an applied economic and business research entity of the College of Business Administration at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. Located in the Department of Economics, the BBR exists to accomplish two primary purposes. First, it provides relevant information and insightful data on economic conditions, in Nebraska, the Great Plains, and the nation as a general service to individuals and businesses in the state. Second, the BBR provides economists with practical opportunities to conduct applied economic research and trains students of economics and business in the conduct of applied research on timely economic and business topics. The BBR regularly publishes reports summarizing its sponsored research studies and also publishes outlooks and analyses in the newsletter The Nebraska Economy.